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Question marks

עודכן: 6 באפר׳ 2021

They pop up every now and then and sit on the edge of my thoughts and ask to stop there just for a minute to take stock. To look at what I have or don’t have, what was there once but has disappeared and what was never there. They ask to study us from a different perspective – to see what motivates us and what is holding us up.


Sometimes we listen to these question marks and often we push them aside and continue with our daily routine. We tell ourselves that this isn’t the time for such nonsense, we’ll find many excuses why not to touch that stuff right now or ever and why do I even give myself the privilege of asking myself questions about my life and my choices.

Question marks have been a significant part of my life, waking me up at night and inspiring me to rethink things I’m not sure about. As a result of these doubts and my insistence to provide myself with answers, I found a place in my professional life which suits me better, where I can decide to do what I am good at and what does me good.

Our lives are full of decisions and choices. Some of them don’t even feel like choice, but more like an unwanted reality that has been forced upon us and we need to keep living regardless. Many of us have question marks that pop up again and again in different areas of our lives such as career, partners, relationships and more, that ask to be given attention. When we agree to consciously investigate and provide ourselves with answers, we in fact choose the truth and are also willing to pay the price for our choices.

When we agree to live our lives out of choice everything looks and feels different. Taking responsibility for our lives will become automatic whereas feeling like victims, a position that we all know too well, will dissolve away with no place inside us to hang on to. Living a conscious life out of personal responsibility and choice will allow us to fulfill the potential of what we were meant to be.

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