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Recollection process

עודכן: 6 באפר׳ 2021

I love to call what I do a recollection process. I am a strong believer that everything lies inside us. The knowledge, the passions, the strengths and all that is special about us (our “genetic code of strengths”, unique to each one of us). Sometimes we need to clean around a bit to remember what we have and to start moving in a direction that’s right for us.

I love to use childhood memories. I think they contain something magical. Our childhood memories are the gate to our world. The world we started to build for ourselves as children. We can identify the conclusions we came to about the world, the beliefs we have about the world and the origin of all sorts of things that we carry with us till today (although that’s not what we came here to discuss). There’s something else in those memories that’s very important that I love to focus on. The real precise undiluted “me”. The strengths that we came into this world with, the things that we love, our passions and so many good things we tend to forget.

Today I remembered something that happened once, that I always emphasize the negative side of. After I let the memory hang around for a while I asked myself what was good about it, what did I bring then to my world that I can use today? The answer relaxed me and caressed the memory. It reminded me that everything I was then is what made me who I am today. A large part of our development is simply recollecting what we have forgotten about ourselves. Let’s recollect.

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