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עודכן: 6 באפר׳ 2021

Sitting opposite me is a dignified, poised, beautiful woman. She tells me one secret and then another and she is certain that only she has this secret and no-one else has secrets like hers. She is embarrassed, but wants to set herself free from these secrets that weigh down heavily on her heart and her body.

She feels sure that if they float up to the surface, the ground will disappear from under feet, her world will be turned upside down and as she opens herself up and places another piece of her heart on the table between us, we both realize – she is not alone!!!

Everyone has hidden secrets that prevent them from moving forward, becoming fulfilled, being all that they were meant to be. We all have difficulties, fears and beliefs that limit us. The first step is to recognize, feel and put everything on the table, to break free from whatever is holding us back, to let go of the secrets that we use to build a false reality. We have the strength to be everything we were meant to be and we have a shining light inside us which illuminates the far distance. Light which is just waiting for us to recollect it.

I love you and I’m proud of you, dignified lady, for all that you are. For your courage, your daring and your honesty.

Thank you for trusting me,

Your journey has begun.

That’s how an awakening soul feels.

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