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I simply know

עודכן: 6 באפר׳ 2021

How many times have you felt that you just know. Without a clear explanation, without a grand plan, without even a fragment of evidence to confirm what you know. You simply know. Sometimes you function from that place, sometimes you stop and little by little lose this knowledge which dissolves into multiple external and internal voices in the background.

I want to tell you that you really do know and that you are not imagining anything. Your strong feelings are speaking from inside you and summoning you to listen, to act from that place that “you know”. There’s so much tranquility in that motion.

If you are prepared to trust and believe me for a moment that you are not imagining anything, I would like to ask you, what’s the last thing that you knew and didn’t do? That you knew and gave up because of those internal and external voices? After you recognize it, what are you prepared to do today to start playing around with this knowledge?

I invite you to give that thought some space and to move in that knowledge.

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