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?What’s important to me

I am guided by my strong gut feelings, my intuition, my ability to dig deep and to understand who is standing opposite me.  I can reflect about things from a unique standpoint which triggers renewed thinking about things.  I am guided by the knowledge that each and every one of us came here with an important mission and purpose that the world needs. This knowledge awakens a huge desire inside me to help other women wake up and experience themselves precisely and intensely, so they can become everything they 


?What’s important to me

It’s important to me to form a trusting relationship with you, so you can be all that you want to be in our space together.  It’s important to me to see who you really are and that you are able to see yourself too.  It’s important to me that you discover all your strengths and resources so that you will agree set out on your own way, in any direction you choose. And it’s very important to me that you want to take strides and are prepared to work for it.


אומרים עלי ש...

כל פגישה הייתה מאוד מתגמלת ובעלת משמעות. יצאתי מכל פגישה עם עומקים ותובנות חדשות שליוו אותי לכל השבוע שלאחריה, עד לפגישה הבאה.

ניו יורק


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How wonderful that you landed here. I’m excited.
I imagine that there is something that you would like to change, to awaken
inside you so that you become more than you are today.
I invite you to come on a journey to rediscover the power, the uniqueness
and the light inside you - and from there to build clarity and precision and
carve out a path for yourself – a path uniquely suited to you, in every area
you so choose.

How will we do it?
We will make this change together in weekly meetings (~12 sessions)
where we will discover who you are, build a vision, set goals and step out in
whichever direction your soul desires.
The process is focused, combining mental and behavioral effort, which will
bring you closer to the change you want in your life.

During the sessions, we will activate muscles that you forgot how to use, we will identify obstacles and beliefs that limit you and throw hurdles in the way of your progress and growth.  We will create an internal discussion, we will quieten down the external background voices, we will identify a clear internal voice and set in motion the reality that you choose for yourself.

By paying attention to what is important to you in your daily behavior, you will start to move towards your dreams, the better future that you want for yourself.


And what if you don’t have a particular direction?

We will work together to find it, under the piles of dust that you collected on top of your aspirations for so many years. I’m talking from experience. 

Our process will make you more aware of everything you can choose to do in your life and show you a clear-cut way to check out each step.  

Together we will examine practical ways to implement your valuable insights and explore each choice in your life from new angles.  

For an initial free session

Come on a journey with me to rediscover your power,

your uniqueness and the light inside you.

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