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Ever since I was a girl I know all sorts of things about myself.  I know about my abilities, my passions, what makes me tick and what feeds my soul.  The passing of time and growing older made me forget parts of myself.  I was pulled into the crazy rat race. I became a part of it.  My head took control and subdued everything that my heart wanted and knew.  I folded myself away in a suitcase and took a route that distanced me from myself.  I worked hard and excelled in my studies, I did everything I needed to do to achieve what was expected of me and I paid a price for it.

I started out professionally as a commercial lawyer in a large office.  After a number of years, with first and second law degrees in hand, questions started to bubble up to the surface.  I started to feel that what I had wasn’t enough.  Even though I had everything on paper that I supposedly needed to be happy (a partner, a child, a house, degrees, a car, a salary) it just didn’t feel like enough.  I kept hearing a voice that said that surely I can’t be here just for this, what I call my life.  I understood that I owe myself more.  I needed to understand what all this was about and why I feel this way

There were many signs on the way, signs flagged by my body and by my heart, signs which told me to stop for a moment and question.  For many long years I had ignored these questions.  And then when I decided to take notice, somewhere around the age of 30, I was pulled into to my awakening – to the rediscovery of myself.  Although the journey isn’t over, I can definitely say that today I know who I am.  I know what I want and where I need to go.  I have myself to recognize what is right for me.  I have my body to indicate what is right for me and I have learned to listen to it.  So I set out on the real journey of my life.  The journey to find myself.  The journey that lead me to convert my strongest abilities into my profession and set my mission to accompany and help other women.


I accompany change processes from my own experience – I have walked along this route.  I have experienced significant changes in my life, a change in awareness, a change in career and a change in surroundings through relocation to the US.  My precision, connection to myself and the different tools that I use, have supported me through every change and enabled me to grow, develop and be the best version of myself.

I am married to Tomer, a mother of three wonderful children, a commercial lawyer, with first and second degrees from Tel Aviv University – a certified coach from the Adler Institute and a certified NLP coach from the NLP Center of New York.

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